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  • Dr. Christopher Schweitzer

    August 1, 2023 at 12:14 pm

    Sorry, for the late reply as I’m just getting set up on this platform. There’s tons of on online resources for parents with children with hearing loss. It’s really important to get a proper assessment from professionals in pediatric audiology. If it is a more long lasting diagnosis (sensory-neural type of impairment) versus the more treatable and common middle ear type, intervention with special training and / or hearing aids is really important as she’s at an important developmental stage. Early intervention is really, really important. A huge percentage (more than 80%!) of kids will have had some middle ear infections by age 3, so let’s hope that’s the situation with your daughter. If it has already been determined that she has a sensory-neural type of loss, then I must re-emphasize the importance of getting professional audiological assistance asap.