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  • Dr. Christopher Schweitzer

    August 2, 2023 at 6:22 am

    Hey, Ramesh In my long clinical audiology practice I encountered true Meniere’s Disease patients only rarely. I say -True- because it’s a difficult one to pin down as the symptoms can be so variable, and even for a single individual at various times, and many of the same symptoms may attend other disease entities. But the trifecta of dizziness (vertigo), tinnitus, and hearing loss are the classic signs presented to make the diagnosis. While the French physician Prosper Meniere gets his name attached, it’s also known in medical notes as idiopathic end-lymphatic hydrops, which simply means increased fluid pressure in the inner ear for uncertain reasons. Usually a high priority is the use of diuretics (and reductions of salt) to reduce the fluid pressure. Several other management strategies may be prescribed by your ENT physicians, but you can at least take some comfort that the state of understanding and treatment has progressed significantly in the past 75 years.