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1. It’s About Heart

Otofonix HearResponsibly Yours - It's About Heart
HearResponsibly Yours, Musings from a Seasoned Hearing Scientist

I’ve long been fascinated by the serendipity of the English word ‘HEAR’. It’s no mystery that the word ‘EAR’ forms 75% of that short word.

But hearing is much more than ‘ears.’  It’s really a brain process.  The ears, of course, are the ‘contact point’ to the world of sound and vibration in our limited human range to which we are tuned.

Other animals thrive with quite different tuning frequencies, but much of the ceaseless ongoing vibrations are filtered out by our limited range; a band optimized for our survival and interpersonal communication.  

As to Ears – there are no numeric examples in the animal kingdom of less than our own familiar two.   One ear simply doesn’t work to provide critical location information and to extract desired sounds (signals) from other sounds that compete (noise).

While most other organs vary in the animal world (legs, eyes, etc – even hearts, brains and stomachs), but not ears, always pairs of two. Two provides what engineers call a ‘phased array’ – designed to focus and detect; to survive and thrive.   

But here’s the other part of our word “Hear.” Simply add a ‘T” and we get –


Now that’s a marvelous serendipity on so many levels. Hearing is an organ of the heart – the emotional and growth connection to others. We connect to loved ones through the reception of their thoughts, their personal stories. 

Our hearts swell with love and/or pride when we hear a child’s first words, an announcement of great significance (“I do,” “Yes, you can!” “Well done!” “How was your day?” to mention just a few). 

Heart stuff is hugely dependent on Hearing stuff. 

These are not ideas found in clinical audiology textbooks or taught in graduate programs. But I suspect non-audiologists and Otofonix family members get it:  HEAR is 4/5 of the word ‘Heart.’ 

That’s not clinical; that’s personal, and I would argue – profoundly important.

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